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The first record of Edward Boswell is in the 1782 Prince William County, Virginia Tax Roll. Edward was probably a tobacco farmer. Between 1650 and 1776 tobacco was the major crop in Prince William County. During this time there were no towns, just plantations. In 1798 Edward Boswell bought 363 acres in Orange County (now Alamance County) for 363 pounds. This land is located on Stoney Creek north of what is now Burlington, North Carolina. All of Edward's sons became farmers.

Thomas moved to North Carlina with his father and then traveled to Henderson County, Kentucky, where his brother Craven had settled. He then moved to Henderson County, Tennessee about 1820 and died there in October 1822.

Thomas Leachman was born in North Carolina, but his family moved to Henderson County, KY in 1818 and then to Henderson County, TN about 1820.  He was a very respected Methodist minister for sixty-five years and served in many churches in West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. His places of service can be traced by noting the birthplaces of his children.

Thomas Jones was a brick mason, but he also raised peanuts, corn, cotton and watermelons as well as hogs, cows and chickens.

Estelle Boswell Dorr was the oldest daughter of ten children. She married Ernest Dorr in Macon and then moved to McAlester, OK where Ernest was a barber.  Six months before Al was born, Ernest was killed in an automobile accident.  She provided for her family by running a nineteen room boarding house that she bought after Ernest died. After Al graduated from college, she moved back to Macon TN with her brother, DeWitt. They enjoyed traveling in the summer.  In her latter years she spent a lot of her time at Al's home.

Most of the factual information on the Boswell family comes from a book, Descendants of Edward Boswell, published in 1986 by Jean Boswell Pippenger and Imogene May Boswell.