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2. Narcisse "Narcissus" Louis DORR, son of Louis Adolphe DORR and Francoise "Fannie" BENAL , was born on 2 Dec 1844 in Mobile, AL, died on 5 Mar 1916 in Panola Co., MS, at age 71, and was buried in Davis Chapel Cemetery, Panola Co., MS.

Narcissus' parents, Louis and Frances Dorr, arrive in America at Mobile, AL in 1840 and marry in 1841. He is born on February 2, 1844. At the time he has a two-year old sister Sylvia and a one-year old brother. Sometime after Narcissus is born but before 1847, the family moves to Kemper County, MS. We know this because the record of his brother Norman's birth shows him as being born in Kemper County.

Very little is known of Narcissus' younger days. He has four sisters and seven brothers. He marries an Englishwoman named Sara Jane Wilkins on February 2, 1849 in Sumter, AL. Sumter is on the Alabama-Mississippi border next to Kemper County. Sara Jane is a daughter of one of Louis' neighbors.

From Louis' letters:

Narcissus has his own place two miles from his father and is working for him in return for part of the crop. His father Louis is never quite happy with where he is at the time and tries to convince Narcissus to move to Arkansas or Texas, but Narcissus refuses to go. Narcissus serves as a private in the Connfederate Army, Grace's Company, Mississippi (State Trous) Film Number M232 roll 11

In early 1871 Louis and all of his children that were in Kemper County moves to Panola County, MS which is in the northern part of the state. Louis moves to a bluff that overlooks swamp country and that year they are all in poor health. Martin and Narcissus rent 30 acres of bottomland two miles from their father. They pay 50 pounds lint cotton per acre, but the land is creek bottom and never fails to make less than a bale an acre. Around August Narcissus' oldest boy Edwin dies of the flu and in October Narcissus himself becomes very ill. Martin returns from Arkansas and joins Narcissus on the farm. Evidently, due to the poor heath conditions, Narcissus is ready to return to Kemper County in the fall of 1871.

In the fall of 1872 Louis sells his land on the bluff and moves eight miles to the east. For a time Narcissus and Norman rent land in the neighborhood and work together. Sometime before April 1884 Narcissus is able to buy 80 acres of land adjacent to his father's place for $900. His father writes, "he built a very good house on it. Part of it is creek bottom and made a bale (and made 18 bales of cotton the first year) to the acre besides plenty of corn and potatoes." Norman is working with Narcissus at this time.

In 1875 Norman rents land from Narcissus and is working on his own house. Henry is staying with Narcissus.

In 1876 Louis writes, "Narcisse and Shug [?] are well and are making money like Jews. He has paid for his place and has besides no less than 1000 dollars on interests. Henry is still working with him. All three made nearly 30 bales of cotton last year." In 1877 Narcissus and Edward buy another farm in the neighborhood, 160 acres for about $10 an acre. Martin lives with Louis but is working for Narcissus.

Narcissus and Sara have a total of nine children, five boys, and four girls. In November 1906 Sara dies. In March 1908 Narcissus marries Lucinda "Cindy" Jackson. In 1916 Narcissus passes away and Cindy dies in 1920.

Narcissus married Sara Jane WILKINS on 2 Feb 1869 in Sumter Co., AL.

Children from this marriage were:

1         i.   Albert Ernest DORR (born on 17 Feb 1879 Sardis, Panola Co., MS - died on 20 Feb 1918 in McAlster, OK)

         ii.   William Edwin DORR (born on 26 Dec 1869 - died on 11 Jul 1871 , buried in Star Place - Shiloh Cemetery, Panola Co., MS)

        iii.   Caroline "Carrie" Belle DORR (born on 13 Sep 1872 - died on 4 Mar 1930)

         iv.   Marietta (Mary Etta) DORR (born on 25 Jan 1875 Kemper Co., MS - died on 3 May 1962 in Panola Co., MS)

          v.   Jennie (Jenny) DORR (born in 1878 - died in 1932 in Panola Co., MS)

         vi.   Louis Henry DORR (born on 1 Jan 1881 - died on 27 Jul 1939 in Panola Co., MS)

        vii.   Wilma Louise DORR (born on 26 Oct 1884 Sardis, Panola Co., MS - died on 5 Feb 1945 in Sardis, Panola Co., MS)

       viii.   Weir L. DORR (born on 10 Jun 1888 Panola Co., MS - died on 8 Jan 1950 in Memphis, TN)

         ix.   Ella Lorine\Lorena DORR (born on 8 Feb 1890 Panola Co., MS - died on 16 Sep 1946 in Panola Co., MS)

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Narcissus next married Lucinda "Cindy" JACKSON , daughter of Robert JACKSON and Sara SECOR , on 25 Mar 1908 in Panola Co., MS. Cindy was born on 15 May 1859 in Rockland Co., NY, died on 19 Mar 1920 in Panola Co., MS, at age 60, and was buried in Davis Chapel Cemetery, Panola Co., MS.

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3. Sara Jane WILKINS, daughter of Josiah Richard WILKINS and Mary BURTON , was born on 15 May 1848 in Halifax Co., VA, died on 3 Nov 1906 in Panola Co., MS, at age 58, and was buried in Davis Chapel Cemetery, Panola Co., MS.

Sara Jane is from a very established English family who ancestors came to America in 1618 and settle in Virginia. Sara Jane is born in Halifax Co., VA in 1848. Her father, Josiah Richard Wilkins dies of the measles when Sara is only five years old. When she is about 13, her widowed mother moves the family to Kemper County, Mississippi, near the border with Sumter County, AL. Sara marries Narcissus Dorr in 1869. Sometime after 1869 most of the Wilkins family move to Jackson County, Arkansas. Sara and her sister, Elizabeth, who is also married stay in Mississippi.

From Paul Dorr's Letter:

"Aunt Sarah was unlettered but a very fine woman who, I think, was generally loved. I used sometimes to go to this home for Sunday dinner; there was always a table full of company and the "board groaned" with food. Aunt Sarah had many hospitable expressions with a strong "Arkansas flavor"; if you sat near her end of the table when the plates were being loaded and passed to the consumers, and you offered your plate, as was the custom, to the hostess, Aunt Sarah would smile and say, "Just keep that if it suits you." Or if, as she watched from her end of the long table the rapid disappearance of the food from the row of plates, and observed with a keen eye, for example, that you had devoured all of the chicken, three or four pieces, to which you had been helped, she would catch your eye and say with insistent urgency: "Now, Brother Hargrove (or Paul, or any other guest), "You haven't had anything hardly to eat; just help yo'self to chicken and gravy and more mashed postatoes. You set handy." In conversation with her, if you were making a statement about some simple event that had taken place, Aunt Sarah would interject feelingly, from time to time, "I say! I say!" She used to take a vacation from her manifold household duties of one full week every spring. She would spend the first day visiting Aunt Jodie (at Uncle Norman's house) and sit in a rocking chair all day and talk, if anybody was near with whom she could talk. Next day Ira and Clinton would hitch up the buggy and haul her down to Davis Chapel, where she would spend the day (in exactly the same manner) with Aunt Alice (at Uncle Eugene's house). From thence, Uncle Gene would transport her to our house (Uncle Rufus), where she would exactly duplicate the former 24-hour visits, rocking amiably and peacefully, dear soul, talking and "I saying" with my mother, Lillie. Then to Grandma's, to Uncle Ed's and on to the end of the list. Peace to that good woman's ashes."

The above information provided by Jo Dixon Helmers.

Sara married Narcisse "Narcissus" Louis DORR on 2 Feb 1869 in Sumter Co., AL.