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2. Samuel KELL, son of Benjamin KELL and Rueamy BECKNER , was born on 16 Jul 1833 and died on 3 Dec 1928 in Bison, OK, at age 95.

Samuel was born at Rising Sun, Indiana in 1983, the eldest son of Benjamin Kell. Samuel was eight years of age when his parents moved to Missouri. Samuel and his daughter, Alice, took part in the opening of the Cherokee Strip in 1893, locating near Bison, OK. and resided on hid homestead until pratically the time od his death. A story is that a drunk fellow who he gave a ride on the wagon, fell off, and claimed the land first. He lived with his daughter who received 160 acres. No factual evidence of this story exists.

Samuel was a very tall straight man, gray hair which curled at the neck and a beard. He did not smoke, drink or chew tobacco. He was a convert to the Catholic faith, although one of his brothers was a Baptist minister.

Samuel served as a 1st Lieutenant in Company C, 69th enrolled Missouri militia. He was in Texas before the land rush, his son, Edwin, was born, Macomb, Grayson County, TX in 1860. He then moved to Missouri, locating in Winstown, Lewis County, where he was a merchant. His son also was in the land rush, staking a clain near Okarche. Edwin was one of the first settlers in Apache.

Samuel married Mary BRENNAN on 26 Sep 1855. Children from this marriage were: 1         

i.   Emma Catherine KELL (born on 21 Jul 1856 Indiana - died on 12 May 1937 in Woodward, OK)
         ii.   Alice M. KELL
        iii.   Edwin C. KELL (born on 27 May 1860 Macomb, Grayson County, Texas - died on 14 May 1922 in Yakima, WA)
         iv.   Florence KELL
          v.   William Elbert KELL (born on 5 Apr 1874 - died on 18 Apr 1946 in Douglas, AZ)
         vi.   Loyola KELL (born on 4 Aug 1898 Otkarche, OK)
        vii.   May KELL

       viii.   Ethel Ida KELL (born on 1 Nov 1900 Otkarche, OK)

3. Mary BRENNAN, daughter of Unknown and Unknown , was born on 25 Dec 1835 and died on 26 Aug 1903 in Bison, OK, at age 67.
Her mother was born in Ireland, County Clare, and was from a family of lesser nobility and ran away to America with her dancing master.

Mary married Samuel KELL on 26 Sep 1855.