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1. Ora Cecilia MILLION, daughter of Burrell MILLION and Emma Catherine KELL , was born on 18 Jul 1876 in Shelbina, MO. Williamstown??, died on 27 Mar 1968 in Oklahoma City, OK, at age 91, and was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK.

Ora Million attended a Catholic college at a Catholic convent in Quincy, Illinois. She was originally married to Dr. Arthur Perry. She had two sons, Don and Sam, and a daughter, Thelma, who died the same year that she was born . Dr. Perry was practicing medicine in Missouri when her father Burrel Million, Sr. convinced him to move to Apache; there was no doctor in Apache at the time. Dr, Perry died in 1911 while helping to fight an epidemic in western Oklahoma.

In 1916 Ora married Percy B. Zerby who was working in her father's bank. She actively worked in the bank untill 1931 when the bank failed. After the bank failed the family moved to Lone Wolf. When Maxyne, her daughter, went to school at Oklahoma A&M she moved to Stillwater and Percy took a job with the highway department in Perry. After Maxyne married she then moved to Perry. She remained in Perry until her later years when she moved to Oklahoma City to be near her daughter. While in Perry she enjoyed her flower gardens and the visits of her grandchildren.

Ora's Grandfath and aunt, Sammuel and Alice Kell took part in the Oklahoma land rush in 1904 and received an homestead of 160 acres near Bison, OK.

Ora had two sons with Dr, Perry, Donald and Sammuel. Donald married Lemmah May Anderson and became a school counselor after receiving his EdD from Oklahoma A&M. They had no children. Sammuel married Ellen Schmidt and had a son Rick Perry.


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Ora married Arthur PERRY . Arthur PERRY died in 1911.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.   Sammuel Million PERRY (born on 20 Jun 1910 Cheyene, OK (Apache) - died on 14 Sep 1988 in Lawton, OK.)

         ii.   Thelma C. PERRY (born on 18 Jun 1903 Williamstown, MO - died on 18 Jun 1903 in Williamstown, MO)

        iii.   Donald PERRY (born on 27 Mar 1909 Williamstown, MO - died on 10 Jun 1965)

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Ora next married Percy Brandon ZERBY , son of John Harry ZERBY and Nancy Hannah BRANDOM , on 18 Jun 1917 in Enid, OK. Percy was born on 2 Feb 1885 in Carroliton, MO, died on 2 Apr 1963 in Oklahoma City, OK, at age 78, and was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.   Maxyne C. ZERBY