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2. John Harry ZERBY, son of Lewis E. ZERBY and Elizabeth BEELEY , was born on 10 Dec 1862 in Corrcord, Ill (Springfield?), died on 22 Dec 1954 in Coldwater, KS, at age 92, and was buried in Crown Hill Cemetaery, Coldwater, KS.

John H. Zerby was raised in Springfield, IL and moved to Carrollton, MO, where in 1882 he met and married Nancy Brandom. There is confusion as to what his middle name was, Harry or Horace. Most of the records have indicated that it was Horace, although the obituary in the Coldwater, KS newspaper referred to him as Harry. The 1870 census record for his mother indicates his name is Horace. His father died at the age of 28.

Based on the birth information of their children it appears John and Nancy moved to Avilla, Commance Co., KS around 1887. They than moved to Oklahoma City for a short time around 1890 where their son Ross was born. They then moved back to Carroll county, Wakenda, MO where their last four children were born. According a DAR document they lived in Junction City, Kansas.

Based on census records the family moved from Carroll, MO to Supply, OK sometime between 1900 and 1910. Their son, Percy, was working for the bank in 1910 and another son, Ross, was married in Supply in 1913. The 1920 Census shows John and a number of his children resided in Geary, KS.

Around 1925 John and Nancy moved to Coldwater, Kansas to live with their son, Martin L. Zerby. Two years later Nancy passed away. John died at the age of 92 in his son's home.

John married Nancy Hannah BRANDOM on 21 Dec 1882 in Carroliton, MO.

Children from this marriage were:

1         i.   Percy Brandon ZERBY (born on 2 Feb 1885 Carroliton, MO - died on 2 Apr 1963 in Oklahoma City, OK)

         ii.   Martin Leander ZERBY (born on 3 May 1888 Coldwater, KS - died on 2 Jan 1961 in Coldwater, KS)

        iii.   Louis (Lewis) H. ZERBY (born on 4 Apr 1888 Avila, Comanche Co., KS - died in 1955 in Oklahoma City, OK)

         iv.   Ross Morris ZERBY (born on 5 Dec 1890 Oklahoma City, OK - died on 1 Jun 1973 in Manhattan, Riley Co., KS)

          v.   Sara Elizabeth ZERBY (born on 15 Feb 1893 Wakenda, MO - died on 28 Oct 1966)

         vi.   Thomas Edwin ZERBY (born on 25 Apr 1895 Wakenda, MO - died in 1895 in Wakenda, MO)

        vii.   Ella A. ZERBY (born on 28 Feb 1887 Wakenda, MO - died on 11 Dec 1985 in Manhattan, Riley Co., KS)

       viii.   Emily Adaline ZERBY (born on 5 Nov 1900 Staudish, MO - died on 4 Aug 1993)

3. Nancy Hannah BRANDOM, daughter of Thomas BRANDOM and Nancy Martin HANNAN , was born on 24 Nov 1857 in Carol County, MO (Carrolton), died on 1 Feb 1927 in Commanhe, KS, at age 69, and was buried in Crown Hill Cemetaery, Coldwater, KS.

Nancy married John Harry ZERBY on 21 Dec 1882 in Carroliton, MO.