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1870 Census record for Elizabeth Zerby

4. Lewis E. ZERBY, son of John ZERBY and Elizabeth HAMILTON , was born on 19 Aug 1836 in Allenville, Mifflin Co., PA, died on 10 Sep 1864 in Concord, Morgan Co., IL, at age 28, and was buried in Concord Cemetery.

Lewis migrated to Concord, Illinois with his family when he was sixteen. He is listed in the household of John and Rachel Zerby in both the 1850 and 1860 census for Concord, Morhan Co., IL. He married Elizabeth Beeley when he was twenty four and had three children. He remained in Concord until his death in 1864 at the age of 28.

After Lewis' death apparently his widow married his half brother Adam H. Zerby. The 1870 census for Concord, Morgan Co., IL shows Lewis' children in the household of Adam and Elizabeth Zerby.

Lewis middle name was probably "Elias" based on an incomplete entry made in "Blue Book of Schuykill Co., PA"

Most of the above information is from Dr. John F. Valentine's worksheet on Lewis E. Zerby.

Lewis married Elizabeth BEELEY on 22 Jul 1860 in Concord, Morgan Co., IL.

Children from this marriage were:

2         i.   John Harry ZERBY (born on 10 Dec 1862 Corrcord, Ill (Springfield?) - died on 22 Dec 1954 in Coldwater, KS)

         ii.   Lorenzo Lindley ZERBY (born on 12 Oct 1860 Concord, Morgan Co., IL - died on 7 Apr 1943 in Eureka, Woodford Co., IL)

        iii.   Clara Ann ZERBY (born on 31 Mar 1865 Concord, Morgan Co., IL)

5. Elizabeth BEELEY, daughter of John BEELEY and Dorothy , was born on 16 Apr 1839 in Dover, England (Sheffield, York) and died on 26 May 1916 in Concord, Morgan Co., IL, at age 77.

Elizabeth married Lewis E. ZERBY on 22 Jul 1860 in Concord, Morgan Co., IL.

Elizabeth next married Adam Height ZERBY .

Elizabeth next married Adam H. ZERBY , son of John ZERBY and Rachel KYISHER . Adam was born in 1845 in Allenville, Mifflin Co., PA.

6. Thomas BRANDOM, son of Francis BRANDOM and Elizabeth ? , was born on 6 Jan 1809 in West Virginia, died on 11 Jan 1872, at age 63, and was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Carolton, Mo.

Thomas married Nancy Martin HANNAN in 1839.

Children from this marriage were:

3         i.   Nancy Hannah BRANDOM (born on 24 Nov 1857 Carol County, MO (Carrolton) - died on 1 Feb 1927 in Commanhe, KS)

         ii.   John Francis BRANDOM (born in 1845)

        iii.   George Edmond BRANDOM

         iv.   Thomas M. BRANDOM (born in 1788 - died about 1860)

          v.   Frank Nickers (Dick) BRANDOM (born in Jan 1861)

         vi.   Sally Elizabeth BRANDOM (born in 1840)

        vii.   Emily BRANDOM (born on 1 Dec 1847)

       viii.   Mollie BRANDOM

7. Nancy Martin HANNAN was born 1822, 26 Dec 1821 in West Virginia and died on 14 Feb 1899, at age 1924.

Nancy married Thomas BRANDOM in 1839.