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16. Jacob ZERBE, son of Christian ZERBE and Maria Christina STRAUSS , was born on 7 Feb 1782 in Bethel Twp., Berks County, PA and died in Jun 1841 in Washington Twp., PA, at age 59.

Following the birth of his first child Catherine in Berks Co., PA in 1805, Jacob's residence is unknown until 1809, when his second marriage occurred in Buffalo Valley, Union Co., PA. In 1820 he appears in the census of White Deer Twp., Union Co., PA. He next appears in the records of the Lutheran Church at Beaver Springs (then Adamsburg), Snyder Co., on 17 April 1824, when he communed and his daughter Catherine attended catechetical class.

Jacob received patent to land in West Buffalo Twp., Union Co., PA on 10 January 1829. On 15 May 1830 Jacob Zerby of Beaver Twp., Union Co., PA, miller, and wife Elizabeth sold 31 acres from his patent to Rudolph Vonneida of West Buffalo Twp. And later in 1830 and again in 1840 he was enumerated as a resident of Beaver Twp. However, his death occurred in June 1841 while he was a resident of Washington Twp., Snyder (then Union) Co., PA.

Letters of administration on the estate of Jacob Zerby, late of Washington Twp., deceased, were issued on 28 June 1841 to Jacob Smith and William Rushong. In his petition to the Union Co. Orphans Court (Dockets 3:552) on 14 September 1841, William Rushong, administrator, stated that Jacob died "about 3 months since" leaving a widow Eve and children John, Jonathan, Catherine (wife of George Rengler), Elizabeth, and G. Washington, the latter two being minor children. Roshong petitioned to sell the 81 acres in Washington Twp. of which Jacob died seized and located adjoining lands of John Mayer, Daniel Zerby, and others. Permission was granted and the land was sold to Peter Bolig on 22 February 1842.

The widow Eve Zerby on 1 December 1842 petitioned that a guardian be appointed for George Washington and Elizabeth, the two minor children of Jacob Zerby, deceased; and the court appointed Solomon Engel. On 22 May 1848 William Rushong, administrator of Jacob, reported to the court a balance of $609.19 in his account. And on 14 February 1853, George W. Zerby, a minor now 14 y4ears old and upwards, petitioned that Elijah Koch (an older half brother) be appointed his guardian, and the court so granted.

Attempts to prove the maiden surname of Jacob's first wife Elizabeth have been unsuccessful so far. That she was a local girl of Tulpehocken or Bethel Twp., Berks, PA seems probable. The only clue so far is that the sponsor at the baptism of her daughter Catherine in 1805 was Barbara Hamm or Hamen, but a follow up on this clue has revealed nothing positive so far. Palatine immigrants with surnames of Hamen and Hamm were in Hudson Valley settlements in New York in 1710-1712.

Vallentine Family History (A21-A23, A30, A33, A50, A54, A55, C9, C14, C23-C25, B39, B50, D60, E23, E25, E27, E69)

Jacob married Elizabeth HAMEN OR HAMM .

Children from this marriage were:

8         i.   John ZERBY (born on 25 Oct 1808 Probably in Buffalo Valley, Union, PA - died in Mar 1887 in Whitehall, Greene County, IL)

         ii.   Catherine ZERBY (born on 21 Oct 1805 - died on 5 May 1891)

        iii.   Jonathan ZERBY (born about 1807 PA - died after 1841)

Jacob next married FERRIS on 1 Jul 1809 in Buffalo Valley, Union County, PA.

Jacob next married Eve Elizabeth SMITH . Eve was born on 24 May 1792 in PA.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.   George Washington ZERBY

         ii.   Elizabeth ZERBE (born about 1836 - died after 1842)

17. Elizabeth HAMEN OR HAMM was born in 1786 and died in 1808 in Union County, PA, at age 22.

It is believed that she died at the birth of her son, John.

Elizabeth married Jacob ZERBE .

24. John Francis BRANDOM was born in 1745 in England and died in 1804, at age 59.

The following is from Sara Brandom Hope's DAR application, National Number 194426

According to his great granddaughter, Francis was kidnapped in England and brought to the United States by his step-mother. He enlisted to serve in the Revolutionary Army during August, September and October, 1777 as a private in Captain James Hook's Company (13th Virginia Regiment) commanded by Colonel William Russell.

He lived in Culpeper County, Virginia until his death in 1804. He left a will dated January 1799 naming his widow Mary and children. He should not be confused with the Francis Brandom who served in the Halifax Militia, 2nd Virginia Regiment, under Captains Byrd Wall and Flem Bates, and who was still living in Halifax County in 1833 and made no claim to have served in Captain James Hook's Company (13th Virginia Regiment). (See R.F. No. 1156, Pension Bureau, for Francis Brandom of Halifax.)

Francis Brandom of Culpeper and Francis Brandom of Halifax were different men. I am a lineal descendant of Francis Brandom of Culpeper, and he is the soldier who served in Captain Hook's Company (13th Virginia Regiment) commanded by Colonel Russell. As he enlisted for the War, more service than that indicated by the brief mention of him on rolls of Captain Hook's company could doubtless be shown if Culpeper records for the Revolutionary period were not so largely lost or if state and national records were not so incomplete.

One of his family connections and environment could hardly have been other than a Revolutionary patriot. He married Mary Asher, sister of William Asher of General George Rogers Clark's expedition (Heitman, Ed. 1914, p. 77); sister of John Asher, Revolutionary soldier (see Pen. December, November 13, 1832, Pen. Bureau); sister of Rachel Asher, wife of George Kinnaird, whose brother David served from January 1777 to the end of the war and was at the Battle of Monmouth (Eckenrode's List, p. 256); and sister of Letty Asher, wife of William Bryan.

Mary Brandom (nee Asher), Rachel Kinnaird (nee Asher), Letty Bryan (nee Asher), William Asher and John Asher were children of John Asher, who appears in Spottsylvania and Culpeper records from about 1730 until his death in Culpeper in 1798.

Between 1820 and 1830, Francis Brandom (son of Francis Brandom and Mary Asher), John Bryan (son of William Bryan and Letty Asher) and David Kinnaird (son of George Kinnaird and Rachel Asher), moved from Culpeper to what is now West Virginia. Brandom and Bryan moved to Mason County (see for John Bryan, First Battle, a Story Campaign of 1896 by William J. Bryan, p. 34. See for Francis Brandom, Culpeper Deed Book "TT," p. 75 and U.S. Census of 1830-40-50 for Mason County). Kinnaird moved to Wood County (see will for David Kinnaird, probated December 21, 1857, Wood County, Book 5, p. 96). David Kinnaird and my grandfather George Kinnaird (son of the Mason County Francis Brandom), migrated to Carroll County, Missouri in 1844 and 1854, respectively, and lived in Carroll County for the remainder of their lives (History of Carroll County, St. Louis, 1881, p. 639; Martyrdom in Missouri by Leftwich, 1870, Vol. 2, p. 415).

Rolls of Captain James Hook's Company (13th Virginia Regiment) War Department, Washington. Will of John Asher, probated 1798, Book D, p. 217. Will of William Bryan, probated 1806, Book E, p. 162. Will of Francis Brandom (Revolutionary soldier) probated 1804, Book E, p. 53. Deed in 1783 to Francis Brandom (Revolutionary soldier), Book M, p. 52.


John married Mary ASHER .

Children from this marriage were:

12        i.   Francis BRANDOM (born in 1788)

         ii.   William BRANDOM

        iii.   John BRANDOM

         iv.   Ezekiel BRANDOM

          v.   Eleanor BRANDOM

         vi.   Lucy BRANDOM

        vii.   Rachel BRANDOM

       viii.   Mary (or Molly) BRANDOM

25. Mary ASHER

Mary married John Francis BRANDOM .