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128. Johan Jacob ZERBE, son of Johann Martin ZERBE and Anna Elizabetha JUNGEL , was born in 1698 and died about 1 Mar 1782 in Bethel Twp., Berks County, PA, about age 84.

Johan Jacob (often shortened to Jacob) resided in the German camps on the east side of the Hudson River in Columbia Co. at Annsburg and possibly also at Queensbury. He took an oath of allegiance to the British Crown at Albany on 17 January 1715/1716. After moving to the Tulpehocken region of Berks Co., PA sometime after 1725, it appears he first settled east of his father Martin on Mill Creek. Drawings of land surveys show that the second tract west from the mouth of Mill Creek at its confluence with Tulpehocken Creek had been surveyed for him. However, since no deeds have been found for this tract, it is probable that Jacob sold his survey before a deed or patent was ever issued to him. A Jacob Zerbe Sr. in 1758 and a Jacob Servey in 1765 appear on the tax lists of Tulpehocken Twp., but this probably refers to his apparent son Jacob Jr. who married Anna Elizabeth Spiess. Jacob Sr. was an original signer of Christ Lutheran Church.

By 1752 John Jacob moved with his family to Bethel Twp., Berks Co., where he has been found on the 1752, 1753, 1754 and 1760 tax lists. On 2 January 1753 Jacob Zerbe bought an 84 acre tract in Bethel Twp. from John Heberling and wife Barbara, but on 13 March 1764 he and his second wife Susannah of Bethel Twp., Berks Co., sold the land to their sons Michael and Valentine. Jacob bought another 100 acres of land on 6 February 1764 from John Heberline and sold the same tract on 16 February 1768 to sons Michael and Valentine. However, both tracts were later sold by Michael and Valentine to their older brother John Zerbe (The Ancestor).

Jacob Zerbe Sr. of Bethel Twp. made his will on 15 August 1776 but it was not probated until 19 March 1782, a short time after his death (Berks Co., PA, Wills, A:40). He left 1/3 of the estate to his wife Susanna and the remainder to his living children, but his eldest son John was to receive only 1 shilling, having presumably already received his share. Leonard Zerbe and Andrew Rigall witnessed the will. On 19 March 1782 letters testamentary on the estate of Jacob Zerbe, late of Bethel Twp., deceased, weaver, were issued to Nickolus Gauckler as sole executor; and Andreas Riegel and Leonhard Zerbe again witnessed.

From Vallentine Family History (B3, B38, B41, B43, B47, B48, C2, C16, C18, C21, C22, E30, E53, E56, E61, E65)

Johan married Maria Catharina WINTER .

Children from this marriage were:

64        i.   John (Johannes) ZERBE (born in Oct 1719 East Camp, Columbia, NY - died prior to 8 Nov 1776 in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks, PA)

         ii.   Anna Kunigunda ZERBE (born on 11 Jan 1718 East Camp, Columbia, NY)

        iii.   Peter ZERBE (born in Jul 1721 East Camp, Columbia, NY)

         iv.   Elizabeth ZERBE (born about 1723)

          v.   Maria Barbara ZERBE (born on 20 Nov 1725 East Camp, Columbia, NY - , died in Augusta County, VA)

         vi.   Catherine ZERBE (born about 1727 East Camp, Columbia, NY)

Johan next married Susanna about 1735. Susanna died after 1790.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.   Jacob ZERBE (born about 1735 Tulpehocken Twp., Berks, PA - died after 30 Apr 1813)

         ii.   Anna Christina ZERBE (born on 25 Dec 1736 Tulpehocken Twp., Berks, PA)

        iii.   John Michael ZERBE (born on 20 Apr 1738 Tulpehocken Twp., Berks, PA - died after 30 Apr 1813)

         iv.   John Valentine ZERBE (born on 24 Jun 1741 Tulpehocken Twp., Berks, PA - , died in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks, PA)

129. Maria Catharina WINTER was born in 1695 in Germany.

Maria married Johan Jacob ZERBE .