Recent Upates


03/01/06 Maxyne's birth make the fron page
03/01/06 Supply Republican aritcle about Burrell Million's death. genealogy/Million/A2.htm
03/01/06 Miscellaneous doucumentation has been added for Estelle Boswell Dorr. See links at the top left of her page,

After a recent trip to McAlster the newspaper article describibg Ernest Albert Dorr's accident was obtained along with other information. See links at the top left of his page,

12/28/05 The information for Percy and Ora Zerby has been updated based on the letters that Percy wrote from 1915 and transcribed by Margie. Also the tape which Dana made in 1988 with Mayne and Sam has been reviewed again.
12/21/05 Added more of Percy Zerby's letters

Added history of Percy Zerby that he wrote when he was 65 years old.


Added Postcard Mother sent from New Orleans while Dad was on leave during war's postcard


Added pictures of graves of the Millions and Kells at Hennessey.

2/12/05 Added birth announcement for Maxyne Zerby Dorr
2/12/05 Added copy of Al Dorr's college commencement and pictures of him as a little boy
2/10/05 Added pictures of Samuel Kell's family Bible and pages with family information and 1900 census record
2/10/05 Added copy of 1920 census record for Burrell Million, Sr.
2/10/05 Added 1910 and 1920 census records for Percy Zerby. Shows that he was married before his marriage to Ora
2/09/05 Added memorial for Burrell Million, Sr. from a 1920 Oklahoma State Bankers Assoc. magazine
2/09/05 Added Percy B. Zerby's obituary
1/15/05 Added pictures of Thomas Leachman Boswell's 1833 Bible that his mother gave him