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Million Ancestors

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32. Robert MILLION Sr., son of John MILLION Jr. and Elizabeth LANCASTER , was born on 8 May 1695 in St Stephens Northumberland VA and died in 1773 in Stafford City, Virginia, at age 78.

Fact 2: DH Info:" Farmer, Episcopal."
Fact 1: 8 MAY 1695 VA Colonial Abstracts Vol.III: "Robert Milian Son to John born May 8 1695."
Fact 3: 21 AUG 1728 Northumberland Co., VA Order Book 1719-29 pg 308; Court held 21 Aug 1728."Judgment is granted to Robert Million against the estate of Dennis Fallin decd who was admr of Cuthbert Bennet decd for his wives Grace portion (formerly Grace Bennett) which is Fact 3: (cont) Ordered to be payd by Ann Fallin Exor'x of the said Dennis Fallin out of the said decd estate with cost als execution."

Robert married Grace BENNET .

Children from this marriage were:

16        i.   Daniel Benjamin MILLION (born on 5 Jul 1750 Stafford City, Virginia - died in 1816 in Estill, Ky)

         ii.   Winifred MILLION (born about 1724)

        iii.   Robert MILLION (born about 1725 - died about 1800)

         iv.   William MILLION (died on 5 Dec 1740)

          v.   Elizabeth MILLION (died on 7 Dec 1740)

         vi.   Anne MILLION (died on 8 Apr 1741)

        vii.   Clarrissa MILLION (born on 15 Dec 1745 - died about 1826)

       viii.   William Bennet MILLION (born on 23 Dec 1747)

         ix.   John MILLION (born on 22 Sep 1748 - died on 1 Oct 1749)

33. Grace BENNET

Grace married Robert MILLION Sr. .

48. Samuel KELL Sr, son of Unknown and Unknown , was born before 1748 in Chester County, PA and died after 1823 in Warren County, Ohio.

Sammuel was a citizen of E. Fallowfield Twp., Chester County, PA. According to the first US Census in 1790, his family consisted of 6 sons and two daughters, and his wife. His wife's Christian name was Elizabeth was was found on a deed to some land in 1789 to which she made her mark. Further than this, he and his wife disappeared from any records far as been discovered and only an occasional tradition remains to tell of their one time existance. Tradition says that this worthy couple emirgated to Western Ohio and made their home in Warren County and some of their children had gone toward the west between 1814 and 1820.

Sammuel Kell took part in the American Revolution for the battles of Chads Ford and Brandywine that were fought in Chester Co., PA. He served in Capt. Through's Company, Col. Patterson Bell's Regiment, Chester Co., PA militia.This is documented in PA Archives Fifth Series, vol 5, page 811-819. (For DAR refer to National Numbers 93937 and 115823)

Samuel married Elizabeth in 1769.

Children from this marriage were:

24        i.   Samuel KELL Jr (born on 26 Sep 1778 Chester County, PA - died in 1823 in Warren County, Ohio)

         ii.   John KELL (born in 1770)

        iii.   Benjamin KELL (died on 1 Aug 1849)

         iv.   Joel KELL

          v.   Aaron KELL (born in 1780 - died in 1866)

         vi.   Elizabeth KELL (born in 1776)

        vii.   Susannah KELL

49. Elizabeth died after 1820.

Elizabeth married Samuel KELL Sr in 1769.

50. William TREGO, son of Joseph TREGO and Alice PIERSAL , was born on 18 Sep 1754 in Chester County, PA and died before 22 Feb 1814 in Honeybrook Twp., Chester Co., PA.

William Trego was a private, 1-29-1776, in Capt. Persifer Fraizer's Company of Col. Anthony Wayne's regiment, 4th battalion, Pennsylvania troops, confined and left with General Washington's army. Record of services of William Trego in the American Revolution is found in Saffell's Records of the Revolutionary War, page 200. Also cited in DAR Lineage Book, Vol 155.

William married Elizabeth (Betty) STUBBS 1780 (82).

Children from this marriage were:

25        i.   Sarah TREGO (born on 28 Apr 1787 Chester County, PA - died in 1823 in Warren County, Ohio)

         ii.   Alice TREGO

        iii.   Hannah TREGO

         iv.   Orpha TREGO

          v.   Daniel TREGO

         vi.   Vincent TREGO

        vii.   Thomas TREGO

       viii.   John TREGO

         ix.   Joseph TREGO

51. Elizabeth (Betty) STUBBS was born on 10 Dec 1758 and died in Oct 1825, at age 66.

Elizabeth married William TREGO 1780 (82).