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1. Laura Estelle BOSWELL, daughter of Thomas Jones BOSWELL and Laura Ellie PARKS , was born on 30 Oct 1882 in Macon, Fayette Co., TN, died on 12 Jan 1972 in Edmond, OK, at age 89, and was buried in Memorial Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK.

Estelle was the oldest daughter of ten children. She meets Ernest on a visit to her Aunt Lucy Trotter in Mississippi. She and her sister Lettie marry in a double ceremony in 1907. Estelle and Ernest move to McAlester, Oklahoma where he owns a barbershop. Six months before Al Dorr is born, his father is killed in an automobile accident and Mrs. Dorr returns to Macon, Tennessee for his birth. Three months after he is born, she moves back to McAlester and buys a nineteen-room house where she takes in boarders. From the 1920 census records it appears that her sisters Anne and Lucille moved to McAlester, perhaps to help her with the childen and house.

In 1936 Estelle moves to Stillwater where she again runs a boarding house. This enables her son Albert to go to college. After Al Dorr marries Maxyne Zerby, Estelle moves back to Macon, TN to live with Dewitt Boswell and his wife Ola. She also teaches in a country school. She and the Boswells travel every summer and she spends summers with Al Dorr's family. She dies in a nursing home in Edmond, OK.

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Laura married Albert Ernest DORR , son of Narcisse "Narcissus" Louis DORR and Sara Jane WILKINS , on 19 Nov 1907 in Memphis, TN. Albert was born on 17 Feb 1879 in Sardis, Panola Co., MS, died on 20 Feb 1918 in McAlster, OK, at age 39, and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Sardis, Panola Co., MS.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.   Albert Edward DORR (born on 3 Sep 1918 Macon, Fayette Co., TN - died on 13 Jul 1995 in Oklahoma City, OK)

         ii.   Ernest Boswell DORR (born on 13 Sep 1908 McAlster, OK - died on 13 Apr 1998 in Norman, OK)

        iii.   Dorothy May DORR (born on 6 Sep 1912 McAlster, OK - died on 18 Jul 1988 in Oklahoma City, OK)