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4. Thomas Leachman BOSWELL, son of Thomas BOSWELL and Mary SIMS , was born on 9 May 1816 in Orange County, NC and died on 12 Apr 1898 in Macon, Fayette Co., TN, at age 81.

Thomas Leachman was born in North Carolina, but his family moved to Henderson County, KY in 1818 and then to Henderson County, TN about 1820. His father, Thomas, died soon after they arrived. He joined the Methodist church in 1831 was license to exhort at the age of fifteen. In 1833 he joined the Methodist conference as a preacher. When he married at age eighteen the Conference "discontinued" him. In 1836 thomas Joyner encouraged him to join the conference again. His wife died in 1837 and he remarried on October of that year, Charlotte Jones, and again the conference "dropped" him. He return home to work on the farm and study law. However, in 1839 he was readmitted to the Tennessee Conference.

His wife was the daughter of a distinguished Methodist minister and their marriage of sixty years was a time of service and sacrifice to each community they lived in as they raised fourteen of their seventeen children to maturity, as well as several grandchildren.

He served in many churches in West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. His places of service can be traced by noting the birthplaces of his children. He was a very respected Methodist minister for sixty-five years.

Thomas was a self-taught man, spending only three months in school. He had a fine singing voice. He was a timid person but a forceful preacher. He was a constant reader and became a profound theologian. The honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by LaGrange College of Alabama in 1854.

He kept a large Family Genealogy Bible, which has been preserved and passed down through the family. He also kept, noted and passed on the worn Bible of his father, Thomas.

Thomas married Charlotte JONES on 6 Oct 1837 in Gibson County, TN.

Children from this marriage were:

2         i.   Thomas Jones BOSWELL (born on 13 Jan 1860 Macon, Fayette Co., TN - died on 1 Apr 1951 in Oakland, TN)

5. Charlotte JONES was born on 19 Jul 1821 in Maury, TN and died on 30 Jul 1904 in Macon, Fayette Co., TN, at age 83.

Charlotte married Thomas Leachman BOSWELL on 6 Oct 1837 in Gibson County, TN.