Monday – after lunch

Dearest Mother and Daddy,

Sure have enjoyed talking to you all. Did you know its been a little over 4 months since I've seen you? Guess that is the longest ever. But I do want you to get here soon. Dorr asked Saturday if I wanted him to go get you all but I said no – later. He's been so swamped keeping up with everything. I knew he didn't have any business doing that. I think if all keeps going well I'll go home Thursday or Friday, probably Friday.

Just what is the matter with your eye, Mother? Come down here and let our Dr. Watson look at it. I think he's really good. He's the eye, ear, nose and throat Dr. that has taken care of Pat and took both his and Eddie Max's tonsils out. We had E.M. checked for glasses here awhile back and will probably get them after Christmas.

Whee, am I glad this is over! I was so tired and uncomfortable. I got a small high rupture this time on Tuesday morning. (Remember when Pat was born – only that was a low rupture.) Anyway I went to bed at home Tuesday morning and stayed till Thursday noon. Then went to Dr.'s office and he checked me thoroughly, said no, go home and wait a little longer. He said I could go ahead and get up if I just didn't stay on my feet too long. So went home, sat down at the ironer and finished all the ironing, took a nap, washed the evening dishes, addressed announcement envelopes and went to bed. When I awoke at 6:00 am I felt pretty sure but I hated to get everyone's hopes up so went on down and helped get the kids off to school. Thought Mike and Pat would never get gone. You know how some mornings they just piddle and piddle.

By the time I got the Dr. and Dorr on the phone some of the pains were about 5 minutes apart. But by the time we got to the hospital they were slowing down. They put me in delivery room at 9:45 and we stayed there till about 1:00. There were no rooms available till then. Came to my room for about 20 minutes then back to delivery room. The pains were very inconsistent. One would be 12 minutes, one 5, one 2, one 10 minutes, and etc. I was determined they would not drug me until the very last minute but when it got there I was ready for it.

Dr. Rogers just barely made it over here (his office is just across the street) but guess everything went off just fine. Dorr was with me every minute until just the last thing when they pushed him out. Believe the baby was born at 3:00. A couple of hours later I was hearing that “old familiar story” – “Honey, we've got a big ole' boy.” Ha! Then we call you all – about 4:30 now.

I'm so happy that I feel so well. I've never felt as strong before. I sat in the rocking chair for a few minutes this morning and really sort of enjoyed it. I'm hoping that by the time I go home I can take care of myself and the baby's needs and we'll just stay upstairs out of the way.

I sure hate to leave the food here though. Boy, it's sure good. I have eaten every crumb and ordered everything on the menu. I've had a tremendous appetite. I think one reason is I went those 2 days before baby came on a liquid and soft diet (Dr.'s orders) and then nothing to eat on Friday. So by Saturday morning I was starved. You know me and my appetite anyway. Ha!

What are you going to have to do about your sewer? Sure sorry you have so much trouble. I don't know whether it will help much but after the 1 st we are planning on sending a little money each month and maybe it will help somewhere. Did you get your roof paid for or what are your payments there? Dorr isn't being nosy – he really wants to help as much as we can.

Every baby we have costs a little more. The hospital has jumped each time. I'm paying $9.50 a day for my room, $3.00 a day for baby plus any medication and other hospital expense. It was $8.00 for a double room – no telephone so for $1.50 more I could have more peace and quiet and have the phone to talk to Dorr, the boys and you all.

One of Dorr's business friend's wife came by to see me awhile Sunday then the preacher came by for a few minutes later yesterday. About 5:00 Dorr brought the boys by to wave and talk to me through the window. They waited out there until 6:00 when the baby came in here and I held him up to the window for them to see. I'm afraid they couldn't see much but they were happy and satisfied that they had seen baby brother.

Dr. Garrison says the baby is doing wonderfully well. Says they expect them to lose about a lb. but he only lost 5 ounces. I'm trying to nurse him and everything seems fine.

Well, here's Dorr so guess I'll visit with him then he can mail this.

Lots of love to you both,

Max and your newest grandson