Dear Maxyne,

Maybe I can get up energy enough to push pencil awhile. Why does anyone ever have to get old and ornery! Such a dirty, messy house as we do have – I have gotten so ( I? ) don't care since no one ever calls any more.

Enjoyed the Texans' ( ? ) short visit; said they would be back later on. They sure fell for Peewee and wanted to take him home with them. She loaded up boxes of petunias, hollyhocks (small), etc., etc. Lou didn't seem too pleased. She is not teaching anymore; gave no particulars. He attended commencement ( ? ) then they spend Tuesday at Stillwater and left next day. Didn't even call Sam. And we haven't heard anything since we called there and announced Jon's arrival. Have only heard from Ethel once so have no news of Tulsa at all.

“Pete” has gone to Coldwater for a stay.

I just wish you could have seen my pink rose! It has been gorgeous – beats the red roses I think. Thank you for it. The petunias and hollyhocks have ( ? ) taken the back yard and does anyone want any strawberry plants. They are sending out long runners, rooting everyplace.

Had our first green beans out of back yard this week. Peas did not last long.

Am so glad you have the idea of coming up here to see us. I'll try to clean up house a little. Sure am lazy. Put in most of my time wearing out the couches – ha!

Daddy was in Enid on business the other day; wanted me to go too but I didn't have the energy.

We sure had a downpour here Wednesday night. Sure flooded all yards, but ours drained off fine thanks to our hard work. But the yards back of us were under 2 feet of water, basements all flooded. Not a bit in ours this time.

We do not have the back porch remade ( ? ) new yet. Daddy not felt equal to ( it ) since the teeth deal. Gums are healed nicely; don't know when Dr. intends to ….( ? )

Wish we had that darling baby near us; everyone getting sweeter – ha! We will look for you next Tuesday; hope weather be good.

A week from next Friday a.m. Monser's only daughter will be married at Catholic Church at a.m. High Mass. They say it will be all it should be. Will they have the money to do anything. Dorr put in their heating system you remember. O he's an O.U. grad this year.

I sure am getting joy out of my new dress – wear it wherever I go anyplace which has only been 2 or 3 times.

Well I'll try ( to? ) finish this; haven't heard from the ( ? ) Percy's ( ? ) and we called them; sure hurts Daddy I think but…

Where is Mrs. Dorr now? I wanted to write her a card sometime. Looks like rain. We sure have had plenty.

I have not found the laundry bag or bottle holder here. You ( ? ) and I'll pay for them. Sure wish I could see him and the Dorrs too every day. Why should we have to have such high ( ? ) Hope it quits raining. We have so many things blooming in yard. Enjoy looking out window. Wish I could help your yard. You sure can't now.

Write a card anyway. I just watch for mailman. Hugs from me.