The Boys and their Families


Ed graduated from Northeast High School in 1960 and went to OSU where he received a math degree. He had several jobs in Dallas, then decided to go back to school for his master’s. Dorr was very concerned about him quitting a good job, since he had the problem of getting a job earlier. Ed received a master’s degree in Computer Science from Purdue University.

He then took a job in California where he met Margie at a singles group at Peninsula Bible Church. They were married in Los Gatos, California in 1972. Dorr took all of our family out there as well as Margie’s family. They have two children, Tim born in 1973, and Diane in 1976. They lived in Plano for 27 years except for six years that they were in Pennsylvania. Diane has two children, Eli and Brianne. In 1999 Ed took early retirement from EDS where he had worked for twenty-two years. They then moved to Stillwater, where Ed was born, for their retirement.








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