Lone Wolf

We lived in Supply until 1929 when the Bank of Supply moved to Woodward in an attempt to remain solvent during the depression. It was located on the northwest corner of Ninth and Main. J. O. Selman, who was one of the ten largest landowners in Oklahoma, became president, Uncle Burrel, vice president, and daddy was vice-president and cashier. In 1931 the bank had to merge with the Bank of Woodward and that was the end of banking in my family.

Don was attending school at Oklahoma A&M when thDon'sBandOKA&M2.jpg (6032 bytes)e bank failed and he had to drop out of school his sophomore year. He went to Dallas and was a member of the house band for radio station WFAA during the day and would play at dances during the evening. He traveled quite a bit, went as far as Arizona. He ended up in Texarkana around 1940 and decided to go back to A&M to finish his degree and went on to get his masters. He met Lemmah Anderson in 1943 while they we height="155" alt="DonOnPiano.jpg (21553 bytes)" border="0" style="float: left">re teaching at Leverett’s Chapel in Texas. Their classrooms were across the hall from each other. They were married on August 17, 1946. Don was the academic of the family and received his Ph.D. in counseling in 1954.

Jon must take after Don, for he was always the clown of the family. The kids would love it when Don would blow up his muscle. Don and Lemmah moved to the valley in south Texas and one year Ed gave up a trip to Colorado so he could spend the summer with them. Don died in 1964 from complications of an operation. Everyone fell in love with Lemmah and I believe all of the family have thought that she was just part of the Dorr clan even after Don passed away.

I remember daddy taught me how to write checks. After the bank failed we moved to Lone Wolf. Sam had married Ellen who was from Lone Wolf. Her father owned a grocery store there. Daddy had trouble with the banking commission and with no job, it seemed like we always needed money; rent always due, washer,.other things for rent. We ate quite a bit of corn bread and much pork chops. I went to Oklahoma City to live with Uncle Burrel and Aunt Jo, and went to Classen High School my junior year.

I fell in love with MaxyneTeenager.jpg (42327 bytes)a boy name Woodie in high school and just missed getting to be football queen my senior year. I remember the last Christmas with Bonnie at our house. I wore a beautiful red formal taffeta dress. I remember Uncle Knight and Bonnie both were at my graduation. The next fall I enrolled in postgraduate courses at the high school. I believe I took typing and algebra. Aunt Pete helped me and I enrolled at Southwestern State College in Weatherford.

There was so much turmoil in our family at this time. Daddy had begun to drink; he was a broken man when we lost the bank. Daddy, Mother and I went to Supply for part of the summer. Daddy got a job with the state highway commission in Perry. I drove back to Lone Wolf with only HiLo, my dog. This was my first trip alone.

When I graduated from high school, Bonnie paid for me to visit Woodward, where I still had many friends. Bonnie planned to come to Woodward from Supply on the train, but when she got off the train she fell and broke her leg. This resulted in a blood clot and she died the next day. In the fall Mother and I moved to Stillwater and I enrolled in school at Oklahoma A & M for my second year of college. Daddy would sleep on a cot in a closet at the highway department during the week and come to Stillwater on the weekends. We first had a duplex on 4th street.


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